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This strand invites you to consider that dance is made up of all kinds of forms and styles and that each one contributes to the cultural beauty of our world.

  • What forms and styles of dance exist today?
  • Who values what forms? Styles?
  • How are dance forms and styles learned? Taught? By whom?
  • Why are they learned?
  • Why are they taught?
  • Where can I find more about (fill in the blank)?
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OhioDance website

forms & styles links

Dance Style Locator

Links provided by People Like me, a multicultural arts education program for youth
Dance Links

Sapphire Swan Dance Directory
Contains links to a variety of dance styles

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update 3/2003
photo credits: John Sheppa, David Shimotakahara, Csárdás Dance Company, Rohini Dandavate