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This strand invites you to learn codified and idiosyncratic symbols that represent a dance in written form.

  • Why should I learn to read and write dances?
  • If I can dance the dance, then why do I need write it down?
  • What is a dance notator?
  • How do I learn more about dance notation?
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Advanced Labanotation Books

Series by Ann Hutchinson Guest and Joukje Kolff is being published by Dance Books, UK, beginning with Hands, Fingers.
Alliance of Dance Notation Educators
Includes dance teaching materials for preK-5, middle school, high school, and postsecondary education
Computer-aided Labanotation editor for Windows
Dance Notation Bureau
Includes a theory discussion bulletin board
International Council of Kinetography Laban
Conference proceedings, bibliographies, and indexes; biennial conference
Laban Lab
A multimedia approach to teaching Labanotation include five modules on the core basics of movement
Labanotation editor for the Macintosh developed by the Ohio State Department of Dance that can be downloaded for free

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update 3/2003
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