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This strand invites you to locate yourself as a dance maker and/or performer or a person that appreciates dance making or dance viewing.

  • What is dance making?
  • Why should I consider making dances?
  • What will I learn from making dances? What will I learn from dancing the dance?
  • What is performance?
  • Why should I consider performing dance?
  • Who are the significant dance makers in history?
  • Why is he/she considered important?
  • Who are significant dance performers in history?
  • Why is he/she important?
  • Where can I learn more about dance making, performance, choreographers and dancers?
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OhioDance website

dance making & performance links
American Dance Legacy Institute
Programs include The Repertory Etudes Collection, Dancing through the Curriculum, and the Susan Benenson Fund For Young Dancers
Dance Copyright Bibliography
Articles, papers, books, and Dance Notation Bureau publications related to copyright
The Dance Insider
Reviews, news, and video clips
Dance Online
Reviews, news, talk

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update 3/2003
photo credit: Travesty Dance Company